ACE is a completely integrated audit generation and management system.

Easily integrated with a carrier’s policy admin system, ACE handles all of the myriad changes that occur throughout the life-cycle of a Policy.

Cancellations, Final Audit requests, Reinstatements, and dozens more transactions can be utilized to keep the policy up to date in ACE.  This complex and robust set of transactions, and their corresponding actions in ACE, are what differentiate our product from the competition; policies and policy audits are continually updated and changed automatically based upon specified business rules.

ACE utilizes Web Services to send work to our field application, AuditWin Plus and receive progress notes, scheduled dates and completed audits back, reducing administrative staff involvement.

Client specific Business Rules Evaluation works against companion policies and prior term audits to determine what kind of audit is created (physical, phone, voluntary, waived), who to assign the audit to, what reviewer to assign the completed audit to, along with whether or not audits will go through automated review.

Audits are preserved and logged along the way from start to finish. Reviewers and Managers can access inventories and view and print completed audits along with any attached forms. Audits can be rescinded from auditors or rejected back to the auditor for corrections. Re-audit capability is provided to support revised billing activities.

An extensive variety of inventory and time service reports are available for printing or exporting to Excel. Exported reports are very useful as they will contain more data than can be presented on the printed report.

By interfacing ACE with the client’s billing system, the full lifecycle of the audit and it’s data can be handled electronically, freeing up the Audit Department personnel to focus on managing the process along with the timeliness and quality of the completed audits.

The Reporting Database option allows 3rd party tools to be used by the client for data mining and customized reporting purposes. Projections screening determines what future auditing workloads will be prior to their creation.

ACEWeb can be used by Auditors, Audit Supervisors, and other department personnel for web based access to audits in order to view audit statuses, completed audit reports, and auditor inventories. Auditors can also download prior years’ audits for use within AuditWin Plus.

Premium Audit Automation

A&MS products are extremely robust and designed to handle all lines of business for commercial insurance carriers—WC, GL, Auto.

Field Automation Expertise

Over 25 years of automating the field auditor’s process has given A&MS a unique perspective and unparalleled experience in devel- oping field solutions that work for all clients.

Custom Development

Our knowledgeable staff of experienced development professionals can provide custom development services for any projects your firm requires.

Technical Support

A&MS provides support 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, and also during any requested deployment or special support time period. Our experienced staff is always available to assist you.

A Suite of Products

The ACE system is the flagship products for insurance carriers, but A&MS also provides a host of solutions that fit all sizes of insurance carriers and fee service providers. Contact us for additional information on those products and the other services A&MS provides.

  • Flexible design that permits any personalization or customization your policy system may dictate
  • Automated Assignment capabilities with manual override to allow full management control
  • ACEWeb interface for internal departments
  • Imaging System feeds
  • Policy survey sub-system
  • Service review/visit screening
  • Reporting database feeds