Audit Partner

Audit Partner is the perfect inventory management and tracking system to use when a basic audit management system is required, supporting multiples lines of business and audit types. It can be implemented quickly and has a simplified download format for audit request transactions that your IT staff can easily accommodate.

Audit management functions such as loading and/or creating audits, workload balancing, sending/ receiving work from auditors, assigning reviewers, completed audit review and closing audits can be managed with a great degree of flexibility, which saves on time and costs.

Audit Partner utilizes Web Services to send work to our field application, AuditWin Plus and receive progress notes, scheduled dates and completed audits back, reducing administrative staff involvement. Multiple Audit Partner systems can be integrated to form a web of distributed management systems while maintaining their own reporting structure.

Audits are preserved and logged along the way from start to finish. Reviewers and Managers can access inventories and view and print completed audits along with any attached forms. Extensive reporting with new ad-hoc and filtering features are available. Audit Partner supports named and individual user defined filters allowing the management system to be tailored for specific user roles and activities.

Audit Partner can be interfaced with other client systems, providing automated processes for sending completed audit exposures and information that can be consumed by Billing or Policy Administration systems.

Premium Audit Automation

A&MS products are extremely robust and designed to handle all lines of business for commercial insurance carriers—WC, GL, Auto.

Field Automation Expertise

Over 25 years of automating the field auditor’s process has given A&MS a unique perspective and unparalleled experience in devel- oping field solutions that work for all clients.

Custom Development

Our knowledgeable staff of experienced development professionals can provide custom development services for any projects your firm requires.

Technical Support

A&MS provides support 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, and also during any requested deployment or special support time period. Our experienced staff is always available to assist you.

A Suite of Products

The ACE system is the flagship products for insurance carriers, but A&MS also provides a host of solutions that fit all sizes of insurance carriers and fee service providers. Contact us for additional information on those products and the other services A&MS provides.

  • Simplistic Policy Admin Integration
  • List-driven for ease of use
  • Integrates seamlessly with AuditWin Plus
  • Can be configured for Fee Vendor use, or Insurance Carrier Use
  • Drag & Drop ease of assignment
  • Fully developed logging system
  • Flexible Reporting system and all reports are exportable to Excel
  • Provides a secure system of audit reporting that preserves the audit trail
  • Supports in-depth historical data
  • Enables B2B communications between insurance carriers and fee service companies
  • Inventory, Delinquency, time service reporting
  • Optional Web Portal Connector for Advertising Orders (Carriers) or Receiving Orders (Fee Vendors)