AuditWin Plus

AuditWin Plus is the most comprehensive, flexible field auditing software in the industry.

This database driven application can be used as a standalone field application, used to communicate with other AuditWin Plus systems or with our management products, ACE and Audit Partner. Audit requests are easily downloaded and completed audits are effortlessly uploaded using Web Services. These Web Services make it easy to receive updates to policies, and to transmit progress notes, schedule dates and completed audits back to the management system.

AuditWin Plus was designed with the efficiency of performing audits under various circumstances and is completely integrated with Microsoft Office. It allows a user to complete an audit by importing spreadsheets or creating new spreadsheets in addition to using the Active Entry’s formatted worksheet. Regardless of what method or combination of methods a user decides, exposures can be linked to the class codes from each, as well as to various verifications if needed.

There are robust built-in backup and restore features that also allows for selective archival of audits. Forms are fully customizable using Word and Excel formats. The unique reporting option allows users to view or print the entire audit or parts of an audit at any given time; in addition to various inventory reports.

Audit History is useful for troubleshooting and tracking the progress of an audit. AuditWin Plus maintains a complete audit history for the lifecycle of the audit.

As a standalone application, a user can import audits from another AuditWin Plus. When integrated with our ACE management system, prior term audits and forms attached to them can be downloaded easily and copied into a current term audit. The auditor can choose which parts of the prior audit to copy forward to the new term. Integration with the ACE or Audit Partner management systems also allows for the ability to provide the auditor with detailed policy, claims, endorsement and location information.

Premium Audit Automation

A&MS products are extremely robust and designed to handle all lines of business for commercial insurance carriers—WC, GL, Auto.

Field Automation Expertise

Over 25 years of automating the field auditor’s process has given A&MS a unique perspective and unparalleled experience in devel- oping field solutions that work for all clients.

Custom Development

Our knowledgeable staff of experienced development professionals can provide custom development services for any projects your firm requires.

Technical Support

A&MS provides support 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, and also during any requested deployment or special support time period. Our experienced staff is always available to assist you.

A Suite of Products

The ACE system is the flagship products for insurance carriers, but A&MS also provides a host of solutions that fit all sizes of insurance carriers and fee service providers. Contact us for additional information on those products and the other services A&MS provides.

  • Open Spreadsheet, Template Spreadsheets, and Active Entry all available
  • Inventory Management System
  • Robust backup/restore system
  • Flexible forms system allows both Word and Excel based forms
  • Document Capture and upload
  • Image and signature capture
  • AuditWin Plus can stand alone or be integrated with other A&MS products
  • Support for entity updates from the field
  • Support for packaged policies
  • One-Button Summarization