Turbo Audit is a flexible field audit software, supporting multi-lines of business. This locally-housed database driven application works independently and is installed with just a small footprint.

Turbo Audit was designed with tools to better assist the auditor with their inventory management. The Dashboard functions to easily identify and access audits by due dates, schedule dates, statuses, itinerary and customized lists. The customized lists support drag and drop features and allows for easy scheduling and progress note updates without leaving the dashboard. Audits can be easily copied into an existing audit, or cloned to a brand new manual audit. The inventory screen supports drag and drop column views, multi-sort and group-by features, scheduling, progress note updates, backup and restore, copy audit and clone audit.

Since Turbo Audit is integrated with Microsoft Office, it allows the auditor to complete an audit by importing spreadsheets or creating new spreadsheets in addition to using Turbo Audit’s Active Entry formatted worksheet. Regardless of what method or combination of methods an auditor uses, exposures can be linked to the class codes from each, as well as to various verifications if needed.

The robust built-in backup and restore features also allows for selective archival of audits. Forms and worksheets used in the audit can be attached from a local drive or can be housed in the Template Manager, allowing for easy retrieval of client-specific files. Read-only documents can be attached in MS Word or Excel, PDF, GIF, JPG, and BMP formats.

The unique reporting option allows users to view or print the entire audit or parts of an audit at any given time. In addition to the default view, users can select the order in which to view sections of the audit for their final output. Various inventory reports are also available, accepting user-specified criteria.

Turbo Audit is useful in troubleshooting and tracking the progress of an audit as it maintains a complete audit history for the lifecycle of the audit.

Inventory Management
  • Dashboard functions to easily identify and access audits by due dates and schedule dates, and toolbar icons to easily identify and access functions
  • Customizable ‘Working List’ of audits for quick reference on the Dashboard
  • Audit scheduling via the built in Dashboard calendar
  • Drag, drop, search, sort, multi-sort, group by, and filter options
  • Backup, Delete, Restore, and Archive for multiple audits at a time
  • Transaction and change of status history recording and error logging
  • Web service transmission of audit requests to TurboAudit and of schedule dates, progress reports, and completed audits from TurboAudit for A&MS integrated insurance companies
  • Complete audits for Workers Comp, General Liability and multiple Auto coverages
  • Customizable policy information in HTML format downloaded with the audit request
  • Complete sections of the audit in any order you wish
  • Document information on multiple contacts
  • Complete and upload progress reports to document audit attempts
  • Use the worksheet, templates, or a formatted Entry method that performs automatic calculation, summarization, and linking to classes and verification
  • Combine the formatted Entry method with a ‘wizard’ to complete an audit using standard forms and templates
  • Import MS Word and Excel, PDF, GIF, JPG, and BMP documents to include with the audit
  • Customize MS Word or Excel templates to capture Description of Operations and other audit information
  • Set specific forms as ‘Underwriter Alerts’ for special handling
  • Copy or import audit information to and from MS Excel
  • Download prior year or parts of prior year audits into Turbo Audit
  • Customizable Quality Check options to identify a ‘Completed’ audit
  • Customizable reporting options that can be previewed, printed, or PDF’d

Premium Audit Automation

A&MS products are extremely robust and designed to handle all lines of business for commercial insurance carriers—WC, GL, Auto.

Field Automation Expertise

Over 25 years of automating the field auditor’s process has given A&MS a unique perspective and unparalleled experience in devel- oping field solutions that work for all clients.

Custom Development

Our knowledgeable staff of experienced development professionals can provide custom development services for any projects your firm requires.

Technical Support

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A Suite of Products

The ACE system is the flagship products for insurance carriers, but A&MS also provides a host of solutions that fit all sizes of insurance carriers and fee service providers. Contact us for additional information on those products and the other services A&MS provides.

Core Features
  • Database driven
  • Locally housed
  • Small application footprint
  • Customizable layouts and views
  • Integrated with MS Word and Excel
  • Integrated with ACE, A&MS’ audit management system
  • Raw data delivery to non-integrated audit management systems
  • Also functions as an individual program for audit & inventory management
  • User friendly